In real life, gamified experiences.

World’s First Interactive
MediaScape Room

Launching on Princess Cruise’s newest ship
‘Sky Princess’ in December 2019


Now is your chance to jump into in real life, gamified adventures.

FARBOUND takes exciting scenes from TV, film and video games, and brings them into the physical world through a variety of innovative, “gamified” adventures. Each FARBOUND product runs on a proprietary game and show control system that is adaptable to any story, any environment, and any adventure.

By combining practical thematic sets, mixed reality media and technologies, 4D physical effects, and innovative ride & show systems, FARBOUND creates immersive experiences through interactive gameplay, placing guests in the center of their favorite stories.

FARBOUND Size Options

FARBOUND™ experiences are scalable in application and length, from a thirty-minute experience in a compact space to an all-day, vast outdoor adventure.




FARBOUND Applications

The flexibility of experiences allows for endless opportunities, adaptable to any venue.

Entertainment Centers


Theme Parks

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